Good Rats – Tasty (Record Store Day 2018 Exclusive)

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180 Gram Transparent Yellow Vinyl, Printed Eurosleeve w/Lyrics, Hi-Res Download + Never Released Studio Demos. Remastered for Vinyl by 2-Time Grammy Award Winning Vlado Meller Mastering.

Side A: 1. Back To My Music 2. lnjun Joe 3. Tasty 4. Papa Poppa 5. Klash-Ka-Bob
Side B: 6. Fireball Express 7. Fred Upstairs & Ginger Snappers 8. 300 Boys 9. Phil Fleish 10. Songwriter *11. Melting Pot Cookbook (*Bonus Cut*)

Includes High Resolution Full Album Download Card with Additional Bonus Demo “I Won’t Stop”

Originally released in 1974 on Warner Bros (BS 2813), “Tasty”, was remixed and re-released in 1978 on the band’s label Ratcity Records and has not been available on vinyl since. After the band’s vocalist and songwriter, Peppi Marchello passed away in 2013, plans were shelved to re-issue the album for it’s proper 40th Anniversary in 2014. Now the Marchello family has decided to un-earth never released demos as part of its plan to re-issue the entire catalog on vinyl starting with the Record Store Day 2018 Remastered Anniversary Edition of “Tasty” which includes never released studio demos of Melting Pot Cookbook & “I Won’t Stop”.

For awhile, it seemed like The Rats were going to break it big nationally. The played venues like Madison Square Garden, Nassau Coliseum, The Philadelphia Spectrum and even The Hammersmith Odeon in England, playing on the same bill and sometimes headlining for bands like Rush, Journey, Kiss, Meatloaf, Aerosmith and Ozzy Osborne, and all the while receiving FM airplay across the country.

Why they didn’t make to the same heights as these other bands is unclear. Some have suggested that at some point, they ticked off the wrong record executives and got blackballed for it. Regardless, if you listen to the Good Rats’ music, you hear a hard rock band that elegantly mixed in elements of jazz and blues, a band with strong musical fundamentals and a powerful vocalist who was also a sophisticated songwriter. And as most Rats fans will tell you, Tasty is the bands masterpiece.

 Peppi Marchello and The Good Rats may not have ultimately seen their name “in lights”, but they were inducted into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame in 2008, Tasty was one of the reasons why. Multi-platinum recording artists The Ramones and Public Enemy both paid tribute to The Good Rats at the Hall of Fame induction.

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